Non-gaming spend matters. Get a 360 degree view of your best customers on and off the gaming floor with SpendSight. A property that gets this right will outperform one that doesn't by as much as 5:1.

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  • With SpendSight you and your staff get seamless real time access to the non-gaming spending preferences of your players on all of your devices, and you can set up alerts when predetermined thresholds are met. SpendSight is user friendly for any skill level and easily integrates with your existing systems.

  • Your data is secure with PCI-DSS level security, the same security used by financial institutions.

  • Which players are social influencers? Spend over time? Whether you have one property or ten, just a coffee shop or a mall with an indoor ski resort, SpendSight seamlessly scales to fit your needs, empowering you to build loyalty with your players, digital or not.


Mobile friendly and agile, built using the same technology as companies like Uber, AirBnB, Facebook and more.


With SpendSight, boring data becomes granular actionable non-gaming behavioral data that easily integrates with your existing infrastructure. Our proprietary AI technology provides you with a 'digital narrative' for each one of your players, with real time tools to engage them based on their evolving specific preferences.


Efficient, quick and painless deployment. No onsite disruption, no hidden costs, and world class tech support.

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